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Eyes to Kill: My Top 7 Volumizing Mascaras

Mascara is like the push up bra of makeup. Once those babies are coated to perfection, your entire look goes from zero to hero. You guys know what I’m talking about. Mascara changes everything. Without it, I have gotten the classic “Are you tired” or “You don’t look so good” aka the worst! Like NO, I am not tired, I just forgot the single product that makes me look alive, thank you very much! Mascara is definitely my go to product and the one thing I would need on a deserted island. Ok, maybe water and food would come first, but you get my point!

Mascaras are not made equal. They just aren’t. Every mascara performs differently and looks different on every set of lashes. The most important factors in a tube of the good stuff are:

· Formula

· Brush

It can take months or even years of going through mascaras to find that perfect match for you. When I’m looking for a mascara, I want one thing… VOLUME. I love sexy voluminous lashes. What can I say? I like to bat my lashes. Some would say that’s how I landed my fiancé!

Let get to it, here’s my top 7 volumizing mascaras.

7. L’Oreal “Voluminous Original Mascara: Curved Brush”

There is nothing worse than clumpy tarantula eyelashes! L’Oreal has mastered volume without the clump. No matter how many coats of this formula you use, your lashes stay separated. That is a magical thing in my book. It’s also come with an incredible price tag at just under $6 a tube. If you’re not afraid to step out of the box from brown or black mascara, this also comes in cobalt blue, a definite show stopper! Undeniably my top drug store mascara.

6. Buxom “Lash Volumizing”

If patent leather was a mascara, this would be it. This mascara gives a fierce glossy black coat to eyelashes, all while volumizing with its hourglass shaped brush. The magic is unquestionably in this dense wand adding luscious thickness and separation that gives that perfect, fanned out, whispy look. This mascara is also wonderful on those little bottom lashes.

5. Lancôme “Hypnose Drama”

Who thought I’d ever say “I love the DRAMA”? Hypnose Drama most certainly brings the drama for full fluffy lashes that can compete with falsies. This formula gives volume in a flash. No need for multiple layers, unless you can handle it. Its S shaped wand allows you to get even the tiny lashes in the front without difficulty. Pump up the drama in your mascara collection with this fabulous tube of mascara.

4. Too Faced “Better than Sex”

This collagen-infused formula gives multidimensional lashes with just a few coats of its hourglasses shaped wand. The brush is super soft which plumps up every lash. Although this is the bestselling prestige mascara in the US, I do wish it was a little darker in color, and that is why it’s not higher on my list. Other than that, the mascara is a must try!

3. Yves Saint Laurent “Volume Effect Faux Cils”

This fancy gold tube of mascara gives you great coatage without the flake. Added bonus, it smells incredible! YSL knows how to crank it up a notch with bold beautiful lashes in a flash. Besides how amazing this volumizes, it also has the power of the curl. Its magical formula gets in there and coats every lash without weighing down those pretty eyelashes of yours.

2. Armani “Eyes to Kill”

This luxurious mascara comes with an award winning formula. It’s a triple threat of mascara meaning it lengthens, volumizes and defines. It’s hard to find all 3 qualities in 1 single mascara. Lashes look soft and flexible, yet bold, soft and textured in much fewer coats. Some volumizing mascaras can just get clumpy when you add them and start sticking together. Not this guy!

1. Lancôme “Big Monsieur”

This is my holy guacamole tube of mascara. It has superpower strengths I’ve never seen before. The brush itself is large and fluffy (don’t be intimidated by this monster wand) and its formula is full on blacker than black. This mascara gives you 12x more volume along with no smudging or flaking. I just can’t get enough of this guy. If you want the darkest thickest lashes you’ve ever seen… get yourself a tube of Big Monsieur and thank me later! You are welcome.

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